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Joseph A. DeLuca Advisory & Consulting Services LLC is a licensed private investigator in both New York and New Jersey.

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Compliance Audits

Over the past 30 years DeLuca Advisory Service’s founders have demonstrated an extraordinary ability to root out noncompliance, fraud, waste, and abuse, develop remediation programs that recover losses, and set up secure programs to ensure that there are no further occurrences. No matter what the situation,
DeLuca Advisory Services conducts audits and works with clients to implement solutions and appropriate controls that achieve industry best practices in a multitude of areas including:
■ Integrity compliance programs
■ Safety compliance programs
■ Procurement/Purchasing processes
■ Billing and Accounts Receivable
■ Hiring and Human Resources
■ Change-order and contract modifications processes
■ Prevailing wage compliance
■ Vendor Due Diligence
■ Inflated-invoicing detection
■ Engineering audits


Accurate information is the cornerstone of any important decision. DeLuca Advisory Services guarantees discretion, sensitivity, and timely reporting. An effective investigation can uncover and solve potential problems before they become expensive embarrassments. Traditional techniques (surveillance, field interviews, and undercover operations)are deployed alongside public records research and access to high-level services in industry, government, media, and academia. DeLuca Advisory Services does more than identify problems, we also provide the means to recover losses; protect, restore and enhance corporate reputations; and prevent future losses.

Services include:
■ Internal corporate investigations
■ Litigation support
■ Due diligence
■ Merger and acquisition support
■ Asset investigations
■ Employee investigations
■ Competitive intelligence
■ Key personnel investigative reviews

Advisory Services

DeLuca Advisory Services provides advice and customized solutions to clients seeking to minimize risk exposure. Procurement Risk Assessments audit and analyze a client’s policies and procedures to reveal weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities to unethical practices. Prequalification and Monitoring Programs provide an efficient, cost­-effective way to screen contractors, vendors, and consultants before the bidding process begins and to closely monitor contract performance thereafter. Monitors ensure that best practices are adhered to and indicate an uncompromising commitment to integrity. Industry and Market Assessments analyze the risks faced by companies and government agencies operating in a specific industry or market, identifying schemes and scams that might affect a profits, efficiency, and reputation.


DeLuca Advisory Services is experienced in performing court- or government-appointed, project, and self-imposed monitorships providing the requisite design, implementation and oversight of effective corporate compliance programs and related internal controls. We both design codes of ethics and monitor compliance to ensure-that employees and vendors are aware ·of and conform to acceptable standards of conduct. Bottom line: senior management can guarantee to shareholders, partners, regulators (and, by extension, to all clients) that goods and services are being acquired and delivered using only the most ethical practices. Services include:
■ Code of business ethics development
■ Employee training
■ Ethics hotlines
■ Integrity compliance programs and audits
■  Enhancement of project-specific internal controls
■ Due-diligence on vendors, contractors, and consultants
■ Spot-audits to detect fraudulent/unethical conduct