Case Study:

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, New Jersey Department of Treasury’s Division of Pensions & Benefits, and New Jersey Redevelopment Authority Contract 

New Jersey received more than $6B of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.  Each agency listed above received a portion of these funds to administer a variety of programs aimed at assisting the agency and NJ constituents and businesses in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

DeLuca Advisory served as the principal and lead to a prime consultant serving as the Integrity Monitor for each agency.  As the IM, we provided the following services:

  • Initial and ongoing risk assessments;   
  • Evaluation of project performance;   
  • Evaluation of internal controls associated with financial management, cash management, acquisition management, property management, and records management capabilities;   
  • Validation of compliance with sub-grant award and general terms and special conditions;   
  • Review of written documents, such as quarterly financial and performance reports, recent audit results, documented communications with the State, prior monitoring reports, pertinent performance data, and other documents or reports, as appropriate;   
  • Review of specific files to become familiar with the progression of the disbursement of funds in a particular program, i.e., are actual expenditures consistent with planned expenditure and is the full scope of services listed in the project work plan being accomplished at the same rate of actual and planned expenditures; 
  • Audit applications from businesses for financial assistance to verify the accuracy of the information provided and eligibility of the applicant; and  
  • Ensure that subrecipient is retaining appropriate documentation, based on federal and state regulations and guidance, to support fund disbursement.   
    • In some instances, provide and/or identify training for staff in the areas of detection and prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse.  

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